Introduction to Crowd Marketing

Imagine a young mother looking to buy a new food processor. She’s limited in money but looks for good quality and reliability. Would she go to the online store to compare the options available or she would rather post a question in the forum for young mothers asking for advice and some reviews? She will go for number 2 for sure.

Now let’s think about the usual marketing channels we spend money on. PPC advertising, Media ads, Email Marketing, Social Marketing. Would any of these channels target her in her small community which opinion she trusts? This is where Crowd Marketing comes to stage. People are social creatures. They belong to some groups and tend to believe the people inside the group.

Our crowd marketing specialists will reach your potential buyers at a place where they feel safe. They will offer help, information and advice, introducing your product not like a sales manager, but like a friend who you can trust.

Targeting right people in right time

Getting information to people when then want it.
When people ask for advice or reviews of some product or service they are most likely to buy. Crowd marketing targets these people right at the moment when they are ready to make a decision. Someone asks about best cat food on yahoo answers? We’ll be there!

Building brand reputation

You can’t just come out of nowhere and say – buy this unknown product cause we tell you it’s good.
Crowd marketing does 2 jobs at the same time – sells your product and builds brand reputation. With every message we send or post your business gets a mention or a backlink, or a review. When other people will search for some evidences of your existance in search engines they will find the discussions and think, hey, this company is really good.

Building brand awareness

Yes, I think I’ve heard of “company name” somewhere
In a community, you would often jump in to see if there’s smth new. Say Mary is not interested in the food processor at the moment, but she briefly checked the discussion to see if she can be of some help. Later in the day mom calls Mary to ask is she knows something about fair priced good processors, and Mary would recall the last brand or company she heard about it the forum. Bingo! Mary trusts the forum and this trust would be spead on your brand as well.

Highly profitable acquisition channel

This is not a cpm or cpc. This is yet not a highly competitive marketing channel.
Crowd marketing sales channel is yet not a highly competitive one. You don’t have to pay $5-60 per click for a person who you absolutely don’t know and guess whether he clicked out of interest or was interested to buy. Crowd marketing gives you the best targeting options ever at low acquisiton costs. The resuls show themselves within days and you can monitor them almost in real time.

Replacement for other marketing channels

Do you really need SEO, Media or Social advertising?
We’ve known cases where Crowd Marketing was the only source of traffic for a few businesses. In highly competitive niches such as lawyers or real estate the cost per click in paid ads can reach $50, $250 or $350 and SEO needs time to show some results. This is when a completely different marketing strategy is needed. With crowd marketing you can quickly reach your audience, get trust and become their best friend.