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Technical SEO Audit

Meant to improve site architecture, fix technical errors and ensure site accessibility both for people and search engines bots.
  • Site indexation analysis
  • Backlinks profile analysis
  • Structure & architecture analysis
  • Site optimization for Google tech guidance
  • Dealing with 4XX and 5XX errors
  • Site loading speed optimization
  • HTML Code optimization
Technical SEO Audit is the most important analysis to perform once your website has been launched. This audit helps to find errors that can potentially cause problems with the site indexation by search bots and optimize site in a way that will positively influence site positions in search results.

On-page site optimization

Keywords research, text and meta data optimization.
  • Niche keywords research
  • Optimizing keyword distribution
  • Creating additional landing pages
  • Setting the correst sequence of text elements on page
  • Optimizing meta data & images
  • Adding Rich Snippets if applicable
On page optimization is a thorough review of every single page of your website by an SEO specialt. For great performance in search results it is important that pages on your site have a proper structure and contain right signals for the search engines, such as titles, headlines, keywords, special mark-up data etc. Make it easy for the search engine to index your site.

Crowd Marketing

Marketing on blogs, forums, niche sites and communities winning trust and helping your future customers
  • Following your community
  • Educating people about your brand
  • Building trust to the brand
  • Monitoring mentions and reviews
  • Speaking to customers from your Brand
  • Becoming the niche leader
Just recently Google has made a research where 88% of people told they are highly influenced by online reviews when making a buying decision, especially when the review is coming from community they trust. Crowd marketing ensures your presence in such communities and drives direct sales through advice, help & communication.

Off-page Brand / Business

Social and business profiles creation. Submission to trusted business directories. Comment marketing.
  • Creating company profiles in social networks
  • Creating company business profiles
  • Submitting company info into 100s of trusted directories
  • Placing company info on the review sites
  • Submitting company news to PR sites
  • Comment marketing on relevant blogs
Every business, brand or company should have some sort of profile that anyone can find online, especially when you are a newbie. Off-page Brand optimization is an easy way to quickly build company profile pages, get organic backlinks and some virality. This is a great basement for furter SEO activities. Even if your service is already well-know, you shouldn’t loose an opportunity to make even more people know about you.

Content marketing & Blogger outreach

A strategy for site SEO promotion and Linkbuilding by means of blogger outreach (guest-posting).
  • Researching the niche for hot trends
  • Monitoring activity on social networks
  • Studying your audience and what interests them
  • Writing compelling cathy articles
  • Fidning the best blogs and contacting the bloggers
  • Sharing the article on all available channels once published.
Since Google said – no paid links, some of the columnists started the panic saying SEO is dead. But we are smarter than this. There are still lots of ways to get organic backlinks and Blogger outreach is one of them. With blogger outreach it’s all organic. Your site gets a backlink and you brand get shares, likes, retweets, comments, more potential customers. Sounds good?

Usability & Conversion Rate

Optimizing your site for easier and better human experience. Studying touch points. Optimizing leads and sales channels.
  • Exploring your site analytics
  • Defining trends in user behaviour
  • Outlining the problems and offering ways to solve them
  • Performing A/B testing
  • Constantly improving user experience
  • Optimizing site conversion rate
  • Performing user testing
There are 2 possible ways to get more sales from your site. The first one – get more traffic. The second one – get more from what you have. Conversion rate optimization allows to double and tripple the number of sales without any additional investments into traffic channels. When you site is user friendly, processes are clear and it’s easy to get what you offer, you will convert more visitors to customers. And we can help you with that.