Get Immediate Visibility in Google and Bing

Paid search ads or how we also call them PPC ads are among the recognized leaders of online marketing. Easy set-up, quick targeting and immediate visibility are only a few reasons to name why there are so popular among marketing professionals and business owners.

Inspite of advantages and popularity, without thoughtful strategy, proper set-up and professional management, PCC campaigns can become a nightmare. Apparent simplicity and high expectations can lead to uncontrolled expenses, high cost per click, zero to none sales and complete disappointment.

We have seen lots of companies not willing to invest in PPC ads only because they had a negative experience in the past. We can tell you with full responsibility, this is a perfect sales channel for almost any business. With the right strategy and set-up it can boosts your sales immediately. With the right bid management cost per customer acquisition can be considerably decreased and guarantee your company stable countable profit.

Building the right strategy

Step 1.The right strategy is the basis of campaign set-up.
Every marketing campaign strategy should be aligned with your business goals and your budget. When you need the initial traffic to your site, the strategy is ONE, when you have a limited budget in a highly competitive niche this is strategy TWO, when you have significant competitive advantage this is THREE, and when you’re not different from the other this is strategy FOUR, and so far and so on. This is the battle, the battle for traffic and the battle for money, and you need a clear plan of the battle to win, not to forger your enemy.

Preparing Media plans for Search & Display campaigns

Step 2.Choose the right channel and get to know what traffic and costs
to expect
Both Adwords (Google ads) and Microsoft ad center (Bing) offer a variety of channels to target the audience. Text ads on Search and search partners, text, banner and video ads on the display network, ability to retarget your own audience, separate ads for Mobile and Laptop devices and lots of other opportunities. For each of the targeting options a separate media plan needed, that will include the possible risks, the costs, the expected click through rate, conversion rate and revenue.

Setting up campaigns

Step 3.It seems to be easy, but it’s not what it’s really is

If you have ever checked the Adwords or Bing interfaces, you have noticed that campaigns set-up is done in several simple steps. Don’t trust it. The only goal behind Google and Bing paid ads is making money. The easier it seems to be, the more dangerous it is for your budget. Search ads, display ads, desktop ads, mobile ad, video ads should all be set-up with the certain plan and strategy in mind.

There are lots of hidden settings and additional options which you won’t find on the campaign set-up page that allow Google and Bing to run your campaigns in a way most profitable for the system. At we know the pitfalls and will set-up campaigns that will work for your business.

Creating ads. Optimizing. A/B Testing

Step 4.Writing ads meant to sell your product/service/offer

When you want to catch the attention of your potential customers, you have to be good at it. When you ad is being shown together with 7 other ads and 10 search results, you need a plan that will make your ad stand out. We have professional copywriters who cope with this job brilliantly. We put 2 tasks behind every ad, not only to make people click, but make people buy your product.

Once your campaign starts getting you customers, we get to the second most important question – how to get more spending less. At we use the Bidmanager bidding tool that allows us to optimize the cost and position of every keyword in a way that will bring you more conversions.

For example you have a campaign with 50 keywords. Your initial assumption can be – if my ad will show up on position one, I will get more clicks and more sales. Unfortunately this is a false assumption. The ad on position one can bring your more clicks but not more sales. Making some calculations the bid manager can define that at position 3 your ad brings you the same number of sales as the ad on position one, and it will decrease the bidding sum for the keyword to keep it on position 3. This is the wise way to spend your money.

Ad Extensions – stand out from
competitors ads

Step 5.Adding all applicable ad extension for your creatives to stand up
Presently Google and Bing offer many additional extensions that you can add to your ad, but most of them can be hardly find in the interface. Additional sitelinks, phone number, Google + page, special offers and reviews are additional tools, which when used wisely can considerably increase the chances of your ad click. The other advantage of working with us is – we work closely with Google Ads team and we have access to the new features and extensions when they are still in demo mode, which means we can utilize those features for you when no one else has them.

Landing pages optimization

Step 6.The other side of the ad – landing pages

Lots of people stop caring about their potential customers once they got the click and a new person to their site. The click itself is just the part of the process, now this click have to be converted into a customer. Most of the businesses would end up sending traffic to their home page and letting visitors find their own way to the product or service, but this is fundamentally wrong.

The message on the landing page should completely correspond to the message on your ads. If you have offered a discount, the page should contain info about the discount, if you have advertised Nokia Lumia, the landing page should be the Nokia Lumia page, not the home one.

One of the things we do at is landing page optimization and conversion optimization. We can make every dollar spent on PPC ads work for you.

Management. Optimization. Reporting

Step 7.Know where your money goes. Know your ROI
Measurement is the key to success for every business. We measure the results of marketing campaigns, analyze, report and apply the new changes to test. You always know where your money goes, how much every spent dollar brings you back, when it’s time to invest more and what else we can do to make PPC channel even more profitable for you. We provide weekly reports and reports on demand and keep you posted on every step we take.