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Rethinking Search Engines

It’s been only 3 years now since Google has introduced it’s first algorithm Panda that has shaken the world of SEO. Later Penguin and Hummingbird were introduced making all the traditional SEO technics not only useless but harmful. Things have changed but we have been on track. We have developed smart systems that take into account over 256 factors that influence site performance in search results. The wise combination of math and social factors allow us to predict the influence of any activity we take in regards to your site and measure its effect. Old SEO is gone, but the search engines are still there, and they still rank pages. No one know the algorithm for sure, but we combine the knowledge from all our projects to deliver you the best results.

Keyword research and

Finding the best keywords for your niche and analysing their performance

Everything starts with the keywords. Keywords are the phrases that people would generally use to find your service or products. Keywords are divided into informational, transactional, navigational and general.

We have learned to determine the “intention” in the keyword and the expectations of people who type it into the search field. We have been researching different markets for years and we can help you start your online business in a right way, even if you have been online for years.

Researching search traffic in

Researching organic traffic and user behavior in Analytics

You might have heard that Google is no longer showing search keywords for organic traffic in Google analytics. With this, choosing the right keywords gets vital. However this doesn’t mean we can’t explore the search traffic. We can find out where your customers are coming from, how often they visit your site, how soon they leave and what stops them from making a decision.

We take Analytics seriously. We analyze, follow the signals, optimize and check back over and over again.

Technical SEO Audit

Meant to improve site architecture and fix technical errors

Do you remember how your website was created? Nice design, probably some programmer, maybe a copywriter. Have you ever been asked questions about URLs structure, or how to make a 404 page or what data to place to meta titles? If not, that’s a red signal a technical SEO audit is needed.

The goal of such an audit is to ensure site it technically healthy, loads fast, can be easily accessible but search bots. You don’t want to get into trouble half way trying to get your web page to top results, don’t you?

Backlinks profile analysis

Checking you existing backlinks to make sure Google is not considering them as unnatural

Don’t buy links, that’s what they say. Even if you have never bought a single link but you friends posted articles about your site on blogs, this can still be considered as an unnatural link. Say it short, any link passing any value can now be considered as unnatural.

To avoid this type of trouble it’s important to understand where your backlinks are coming from. How powerful they are, can they harm your site, do they have any effect at all and, not to forget about the competition.

On-page optimization

Working with the site code and structure to ensure it’s SEO-friendly

Programmers are a separate tribe. They can do a good job but they never care about anything else but their programming code. That’s the reason why 95% of sites need a complete code structure revamp to make the page accessible to the search bots and some time even your site visitors.

No worries, we don’t say you need to redo your site. In most cases, all changes can be done within less than an hour but have a tremendous effect on overall site performance.

Organic linkbuiding

Commenting, building social profiles, comment marketing and blogger outreach.

With all the changes introduced recently by Google, backlinks still remain the very basement of all ranking algorithms. The question is, where to get good organic backlinks for my site?

We will help your business succeed. Social comments, directory submissions, commenting, building communities and reaching bloggers are just a few of organic linkbuilding activities we can offer you. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities. Consulting services are also available.

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