ICO marketing and consulting

We provide an expert support of business projects at all stages of ICO implementation. We are often asked to implement ‘turn-key’ ICO to achieve the project goals quickly and effectively.

ICO: what it is

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or primary offer to buy tokens is form of fundraising for business projects. ICO is mainly used by crowdfunding projects — companies entering on the market.

During ICO the team sells digital tokens to investors for defined cryptocurrency or fiat money. Funds collected during ICO are usually used for launching some product to the market and business development. At the same time any tokenholder gets immediate profit from its purchasing with some discount at an early stage of crowdsale as well as with future growth of token price because of the demand for them on cryptocurrency exchange markets.

Analysis of the project
and competitors

Features of the market, competitors and audience, what would help to define a development path of your project.


Detailed bankable action plan for the launching of your product to the market taking into account the costs optimizing and risks minimizing.

  • Project concept — idea description, unique offer, selling messages, positioning.
  • ‘What, where and to whom do we say’ pattern — channels, targeting, messages for different audience segments, creatives, budgets.


Whitepaper is the main project tool for decision making on investing in the project.

  • Two-level immersion it the project — information collecting, its processing and detailed structuring
  • Development of the document working version and its harmonization
  • Copywriting
  • Design and final makeup.

Site designing

Combining of project idea and potential investors’ needs. As a result you’d get the marketing tool made for audience specifics.

  • Technical project development
  • Domain and hosting selection
  • Prototipes creating
  • Design
  • Site makeup
  • Site work testing

Content marketing

Creation of full stack of professional texts for press and social networks. Analysis and processing of feedback — communication with the audience and answering the questions.

  • Content plan creation
  • Copywriting — preparing and writing of all necessary texts
  • Developing of a bounty program
  • Communication with opinion leaders
  • Webinars conducting
  • Social media marketing and communication with the audience 24 hours a day

Traffic attraction

Efficient setting and launching of advertising campaigns. Everyday monitoring of performance indicators and budget optimization.

  • Contextual advertising
  • Paid advertising in social networks
  • CPA networks
  • Retargeting
  • E-mail sending
  • ICO catalogues registration.

Preparing and ICO stages

To understand a potential project interest in cryptocurrency investor’s communities such as Bitcoin Talk, Reddit etc. you have to make a pre-announcement. This is the first but really important stage of ICO project.

1. Pre-announcement is a small presentation, which describes targets and goals of ICO project. It’s kind of feedback with potential investors for product improvement and correction of project business model. For this stage is important to gather the team, learn your competitors, register the company, describe the product based on the idea (Whitepaper), launch a site and mailing.
Final business model and offer are created after pre-announcement.

2. Offer is the detailed proposition about making a deal which contains key conditions for potential investors.

3. Marketing campaign.
Most of the ICO projects are produced by little known companies, so professional ICO marketing is important on the stage of ICO launch preparation. A competent PR strategy helps to find potential investors and promote the project at the market.

4. ICO implementation.
The final stage of ICO is a production of your own tokens or using one of the current platforms (Ethereum or Waves) and ICO launching.
Crowdfunding company usually airs the minimal funds size at which ICO is considered to be successful. After a successful ending of ICO company fulfil its obligations to investors according to the agreed terms.

Our projects

Competent ICO marketing is the key to project success.

ICO marketing is the set of activities from a project promotion strategy creation to a model of its development. It contains ICO positioning, site launching, mailing, PR strategy, SMM promotion, communication construction (language, style and form) with community blogs, investors and product users.

What to do if you have the product idea, but not the conception of its realization?

We offer you ICO consulting. This service helps you to position the project correctly, analyze competitors, prepare all demanded internal documentation, take into account all financial and legal aspects, conduct technical realization (from tokens to site development), create the marketing strategy, allocate budgets correctly, prepare the product for launching and support the project on all stages of ICO to achieve its goals.

Marketing ICO: from idea to the goal with the experienced team

We are able to help you to attract the specified levels of investment at the starting line,
develop you company in the future and achieve your business goals.